Posted by: Nice Melons | January 27, 2011

So, anyway…

Welp, here I am.  Just had a birthday on January 25.  I laughed because I went to the grocery store for wine – made some fondue – and I was carded because “we have to card everyone who looks under 35.”  That’s it – I’m officially going to start lying about my age.   HA!!!!  HAHAHAHAHA!  *Aneurysm*

So.  I am still unemployed in terms of the “norm.”  I’ve been away from Schwab for three months (it’s official) and boy, am I happy to be that.  I loved working at Schwab, but my manager, well… she needs to go away.  She is a terrible human being.  It took me a while to own up to that, but really… she needs to leave the work force.  She is a horrible manager and person and I am glad to be rid of her.  More on that later.  There is litigation, and although I am not a lawyer-type suckup, I had to go there because she screwed me so badly.  All I can say is that what goes around, comes around.  I just wish that Karma was instantaneous, because I would be a millionaire.  Then I could pay off my friends and family’s mortgages and still have lots of $$$ left over for that Mercedes gullwing that I crave.  Gotta be silver with the red interior, though.  You know it’s cool if it’s the “safety” car for Formula 1.  La la la la! 

In any case, it’s time for beddy-bye.  Got to get that beauty sleep.  In fact, I think I’ll be Rip Van Winkle and sleep for a while because I need some catch-up.  Laters, my peeps!


  1. Well how ’bout that! I didn’t your birthday was so close to mine. Mine was the 23rd.

    I’ve decided I’m gonna start lying about my age, too. I’m gonna tell everyone I’m…


    How ’bout 56.
    Then everyone will say, “wow, you look so good for your age.” : )

    Clean livin’ ma’am. That’s what it is… clean livin’

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