Posted by: Nice Melons | November 16, 2010

Playing again…

… I’m baaaaaaaaack!

Sometimes I think it’s monetary necessity that draws me back to my horn… but then I realize that is not it at all.

It’s just part of me and I have been in denial for a few years.  Hard to pin it down…

Is it a spiritual thing?  Sure.  After starting it up after a long hiatus, I realized that it is even more than that.  It’s as necessary as breathing to me, and for nearly two years, I’ve been holding my breath as I furthered my career @ Schwab…

Now Charles Schwab & Co, Inc is no longer in the picture, and I can breathe again.  While I was very upset to lose my job, in many ways I’m finding it to be an unexpected blessing to be back where I am supposed to be.  Less money?  Oh hell yes.  Thank goodness that Mom is back in town and we can share meals, otherwise I’d be eating Ramen constantly and I can’t handle MSG.  😛  But I’m finding my way with music back in my life.  AND!!!!!  I have time to blog again.  SWEET!!!!



  1. How would it be to make your living from the horn again?

  2. It would be awesome but I’ll probably be leaving AZ to do so.

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