The Furballs

I have a wonderful furry family.  Here are Opie and Chloe.

Opie is a year and a half and he adopted me when he was a itteh bitteh orange kitteh

Little Opie  Paper? Muwhahaha!

Chloe is a about 4 (they think) and she picked me when I stopped by the Arizona Humane Society.  She really is a beauty!

Miss Chloe-Boey Beautiful Chloe Chloe in horn case

As you can probably tell by the following photos, they’ve been best friends since day one!

Napping Opie and Chloe napping Chloe cleans Opie Friends Comfy? Naptime, again! Hey! Opie and Chloe at the cabin Portrait 


  1. Aw! So cute! I had an orange kitty named Sammie-Sue when I was a wee lass. He/she was of unknown sex (my parents were slow, ‘kay?)
    I have a tortoise-shell named Miss Ellie 🙂

  2. I love torties! My mom has one named Ruby Baby.

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