Posted by: Nice Melons | November 16, 2010

Playing again…

… I’m baaaaaaaaack!

Sometimes I think it’s monetary necessity that draws me back to my horn… but then I realize that is not it at all.

It’s just part of me and I have been in denial for a few years.  Hard to pin it down…

Is it a spiritual thing?  Sure.  After starting it up after a long hiatus, I realized that it is even more than that.  It’s as necessary as breathing to me, and for nearly two years, I’ve been holding my breath as I furthered my career @ Schwab…

Now Charles Schwab & Co, Inc is no longer in the picture, and I can breathe again.  While I was very upset to lose my job, in many ways I’m finding it to be an unexpected blessing to be back where I am supposed to be.  Less money?  Oh hell yes.  Thank goodness that Mom is back in town and we can share meals, otherwise I’d be eating Ramen constantly and I can’t handle MSG.  😛  But I’m finding my way with music back in my life.  AND!!!!!  I have time to blog again.  SWEET!!!!


Posted by: Nice Melons | November 8, 2010

Over the river and through the woods…

… to the attorney’s office we go!

Posted by: Nice Melons | October 28, 2010

I am officially unemployed!

Well, apparently I’m a shit.

I’ve been working @ Schwab for 2+ years and was terminated yesterday, thanks to Darth, my manager.

Back to music.

Posted by: Nice Melons | September 16, 2010

Thingies, Part 467


I’m doing pretty good, except that right now I am an insomniac.  Monkey-mind, anyone????

Posted by: Nice Melons | September 15, 2010

Stuff, and like, things.

So, here I am…  just passed my 2nd anniversary at my job.  Just had an interview today to move into the tech portion of the job.  Yay!  To paraphrase, or not: 

God, I hope I get it, I hope I get it!
How many people does he need? How many people does he need?
God, I hope I get it! I hope I get it!
How may boys, how many girls
How many boys, how many…
Look at all the people, at all the people
How many people does he need? How many boys, how many girls?
How many people does he …

I really need this job
Please, God, I need this job!
I’ve got to get this job!

Stage left, boys.
Let’s do the ballet combination
First group of girls, second group to follow.
One, two, three, four, five, six…

God, I really blew it, I really blew it!
How could I do a thing like that? How could I do a thing like …?
Now, I’ll never make it
I’ll never make it!
He doesn’t like the way I look.
He doesn’t like the way I dance.
He doesn’t like the way I…

All right, let me see the boys.
The whole group. Ready, A-five, six, seven, eight!
Okay, Girls, A-five, six, seven, eight!

God, I think I’ve got it, I think I’ve got it!
I knew he liked me all the time
What’s coming next? What’s happening now?
Still it isn’t over
I’ve gotta imagine what he wants it isn’t over
I’ve gotta imagine what he does
God, I hope I get it, I hope I get it!
I’ve come this far, but even so: It could be yes, it could be no.
How many people does he…?
I really need this job
Please, God, I need this job I’ve got to get this show.

Who am I anyway? Am I my resume?
That is a picture of a person I don’t know.
What does he want from me?
What should I try to be?
So many faces all around and here we go,
I need this job Oh God, I need this show.

Posted by: Nice Melons | September 13, 2010

Well, I’m still here… I think?

Well, it’s time for a little brain-spew… which was the original title of this blog… I was just afraid that people would get my spew ALL OVER THEM.   Yuck!

Soooo… what is up in Melon Land?  Me and the sweetie have moved.  We are now living in Scottsdale in my Mom’s vacant condo  while we save for our own place.  Actually, we’re not in a huge hurry to LEAVE Scottsdale because there are a lot of cool things here to enjoy. 

  1. Bike/ Walk Paths
  2. Awesome Happy Hours
  3. Tons of markets, et al to choose from
  4. Ducks
  5. Pool/Jacuzzi
  6. Low rent (thanks, Mom!)
  7. Reasonable utilities
  8. Great neighbors!
  9. 7 miles closer to Schwab

There are probably more reasons, but I’m just happy that I can pick up up hand-rolled sushi @ AJs on the way home. 


Posted by: Nice Melons | August 17, 2010

Hello again.

Oh my, long time no blog. 

Soooo… I’m still at Schwab.  I love the company.  Things are a little up in the air right now.  My Mom is trying to get me back into music.  I’d love to go there…  but, well…  not enough time or money.   There are soooo many auditions right now that I would love to do, but… *sigh*

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln… how was the play?

I am old… I love music.  But I am seriously good at what I do at Schwab.  Decisions, decisions.

Posted by: Nice Melons | August 9, 2010


I love to blog, and I’ve held back because I’m just not as comfy anymore.  This does not include my feelings for these folks:

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  • Beefheart Weblog
  • BlogSpew
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  • Basically, I’m an Aspergian mess.  I am at 6s and 7s in my life right now.  I don’t know what to do.  Reading some non NT blogs has been soooooooooo helpful.  My feeling on the bottom line… this weekend I’m going to pull out my ultracustom bitchen French horn and start getting serious again.  I’m not sure exactly what that means, but whatever.  I don’t really care.  All I care about is the music I make… and if I share it, awesome.  Hope you like it too.

    Posted by: Nice Melons | July 28, 2010

    Long time, no blog.

    My oh my.  I have to get back to blogging again.  What a great release.  Except I cannot talk about my job anymore under fear of termination.  I’m beginning to question things… well, that started several months ago.  Long story.  Contact me if you want to hear about it.

    Other than that… well…

    My hun and I moved into his family home back in March 2009.  We wanted to buy it.  His mom, who owned it, died almost 4 years ago and the estate is still in probate.  Unfortunately, when we were ready to make an offer, the executor (middle bro) wanted about 40% over what the bank wanted to finance because the property wasn’t worth what he (the executor) wanted.  Soooo… long and short, we moved to my Mom’s empty condo in Scottsdale. Sweet deal.  A lot smaller than what we were used to, but still… a chance to save for a house, not much in rent, a lake (with DUCKS!) for the dogs, a pool, and it’s about 8 miles closer to work for both of us, well… DUH!  Way better.  I wouldn’t mind staying and buying from Mom since I know she’d give me a fair deal…  unlike the other sitch.

    So, that’s what has been going on in Melon Land.  I will (hopefully) be able to do more soon.  Hugs!!!

    Posted by: Nice Melons | March 12, 2010

    I’m an idiot.

    Sooo… anyway.

    I’ve been doing pretty good at my job.  I love my team, my advisors (they are THE BEST!!) and other stuff.  My boss? Well… can’t do much here except VENT like a central heating system.

    I have been doing great @ my current stich…  great stats, great team.  Unfortunately, since my 6 months “newbie” status wore off, my boss took it upon herself to start the witch-hunt. UGH!  Run away!  Run away! 

    My team is the best. After getting over my (usual) paranoia, I’m not so sure about my boss.  Kill me now, please.

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