Posted by: Nice Melons | August 27, 2009

I’ve been a bad, bad, blogger…

I’ve been very lax about my blogging for awhile.  I suck. Well, not really.  My life has been too damn busy these past months to even draw a breath, let alone write about it.

So… let’s see.  What’s been going on in the life of the Melon?

I still love my job at Schwab.  My colleagues are DA BOMB.  LOVE my peeps!  I’m also trying to get a job for my fiancee there.  He’s got a job, but their “vision” is totally hosed.  NEXT! 

Me and my sweet just got back from a well-deserved vacay in San Francisco.  Loved it.  We had fun.  I was especially happy to finally see Wicked, the show I worked through and opened before it went to NYC.  Nice to know what those thumping noises were when I was in the orchestra pit, hahahaha.  Awesome show!!!!  If you wanna see me in the “making of” Wicked… go here.

We also visited another of my fave haunts, the City Lights Bookstore.   I could spend my whole life in here… as well as the bar next door(especially since they have Guinness on tap, LOL).

Of course, we both ate as much as possible.  I took sweetie Steve to the Tadich Grill.   Yum yum yum.   We went there after getting off the BART – and doing a stop at The Palace Hotel  for drinks – so we could both use the bathrooms.  I forgot about the lack of places to pee in this town.  Ha!   The coolest thing in the bar was the print of Maxfield Parrish’s The Pied Piper  Awesome.  That was worth stumbling into the bar.  Hee!

Other than that… not much else going on.  I’m going up to Sedona for a “girl’s weekend” with my Mom on Saturday -Sunday.  That should be fun.  Maybe we’ll get our auras analyzed.  Ha! 

Peace out.  🙂

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