Posted by: Nice Melons | August 26, 2009


So, I’ve  been a baaaaaad blogger for awhile.  Life gets in the way, FEH.

Things have been pretty cool around here.  The love of my life and myself… well, we’re living together and trying to make things work in “these trying economic times.”   Meh.

It’s so cool, though… about two months ago, we got to get away from it all in Sedona for 4 days.   Last week, we went to San Francisco (and several of my old haunts) for another 4 days.  AWESOME!  I finally got to see Wicked.  I opened this show in 2004 before it got to Broadway, and it is nice to know what those loud thumping noises were on the stage over my head before, hahaha.  I LOVED the show.  Totally cool!  Plus, I got to see my good pal, Glen Swarts, knock down the house with his awesome playing.  He is DA MAN.  Plus we recorded the soundtrack for the show and the “making of” DVD of  Wicked back in the day.  Love it!

I’m going to try to blog more, but my life is pretty boring.  Keep in touch,  my peeps.  OAO.  😉

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