Posted by: Nice Melons | March 23, 2009

Hello, my peeps…

Well, I’ve been a real butthead.  I haven’t been online much.  I didn’t really have internet access until about 3 days ago when the Coxsuckers FINALLY showed up.  Since we have the Dish Network for TV (excellent sports channels) we weren’t much of a priority…  🙂 

So, anyway…

We’re trying to get established here in our new home.  Yow!  I love it, but there is a lot still to be done and we have boxes EVERYWHERE!  Arrrgh.  Hard to deal with. The kittehs and the doggehs are finding their way.  My sweetie and I are strong as ever.  I love him so much.  He is my rock.  Totally cool about anything that keeps everything from being perfect.  I so love him.  Gross, huh?  Anyway, I made him my bitchen cheese souffle last night for din-din.  He liked it.  I can eat that ever day, and it seems that he can too!  Corndogs, too.  I love corndogs.  Woot!

Other than that, I remember reporting that my Mom was laid off from Schwab right before Christmas.  Well, the fucking GREAT news is that she got rehired to the executive floor to work with the Chuckster starting 03-25-09.  She got  HUGE bonus to be laid off… and now she gets to go back to SF, which she loves, and work on the executive floor (which she totally cut out for) again.  Chuck was happy that she was returning.  EXCELLENT!  Even better, me and Steve have someone to visit!  WOOT!  WOOT WOOT WOOT!

So…  things are going rather well.  I’m a busy, happy girl.  Also looking forward to regaining my music focus again as we get settled here.  Lots of room.  I’m still surrounded by boxes, but that’s OK.  The kitchen is bitchen and coming together.  I can find my underwear.  It’s all good.  🙂

…and now, a KITTEH!
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  1. Hi, Melons!!!

    Thank you for saying din-din. I was pretty sure I was the only one in the world who said it, sometimes in normal convo, which can be a bit embarrassing.

    Yay, for your mom!

    I’m so happy you’re happy!

    And can I tell you a secret? I’ve lives in my house for three years now, and there are still boxes in the spare bedroom that don’t look like they’re getting unpacked any time soon. But don’t tell nobody, kay?

  2. I love the din din thang. I’ve ben using this FOREVER. So glad that you relate! Muwahaha!! 😀

    Yeah, I hear you about the boxes. When I lived in my downtown haunted place, I still had plenty in storage. Now EVERYTHING is here. Oop Ack! My sweetie is little overwhelmed by all the stuff… even though I warned him, he didn’t visualize this much crap… and I’ve cut down a LOT. When my folks got divorced, I’d get 3 or 4 boxes a WEEK for almost 2 years. Shit! It’s like, hey YOU deal with it… it’s been a lot to weed through over several years, and when I was on tour for like, uhhhh, 3 years, NOTHING got done. Ha!

    Thanks for stopping by… when I crawl out from my current shiz, I’m more than sure to be blogging more freuently again. I miss my blog peeps!


  3. Hey there, cool that your mom got her job back, and that you can find your underwear, too!

  4. Yowza… it’s always nice to have clean underwear. 🙂

  5. Glad to see all is happy and well in your world.. Yeah, moving blows, but it sounds like this is a happy move, so it’ll settle down eventually. Plus, it’s a good time to purge the old . . . or just stuff it in a closet or basement. Either works. 🙂

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