Posted by: Nice Melons | January 22, 2009

Ode to string cheese…

OK I’m a doofus.  Well, we all know that, eh?

I know I love sushi.  I think I love string cheese for the same reason.

I get to play with my FOOD!  Yah!  Totally cool.

OK, just needed to share.  I love playing with my food.  Not as much as Miss Chloe-Boey, who likes to whack her kibble around the room, stalk it, play with it, and then ATTACK and eat it… but pretty close.  I’ve got to get a video of her doing this, it’s a riot.


  1. String cheese is the greatest thing to ever have been created by man.

  2. 😦 WordPress ate my comment. I must have been the horrid letter I sent them. THey have it out for me now

  3. Nawww, it’s here… just sleeping? For some reason it keeps making me validate your comments, dammit! Yes, string cheese is awesome!

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