Posted by: Nice Melons | January 8, 2009

Sushi and other fun stuff.

I’ve commented several times on my extreme love for sushi.  I will make my own, but in a pinch, I go to AJ’s Fine Foods  to load up on Red and White Rolls.  I also pick up my sashimi-grade tuna there when am making my own. 

I’ve got a great relationship with the sushi guys, and it is truly one of the best deals in town… fresh, fresh, FRESH fish and goofy banter make it so worthwhile to stop by, even when I’m getting stuff to go.

Last night I stopped by to get some seaweed (for making a feast this weekend) and some spicy tuna rolls to go.  Steve, one of the guys who makes the best, was working and we got into a conversation about Japan and being Japanese.  He’s 100% Japanese and quite proud of this.  Last night, we were talking about my stepmother on my father’s side, who is from Kyoto.  Long story short, Steve decides that I am Japanese.  Mind you, my background is pretty much Anglo-Saxon.  He thinks since I spent so much time with Fumiko (my Japanese grandmama) growing up, my love for Hondas, my ability to cook (or ROLL) Japanese dishes, and my love for karaoke make me an official member of his tribe.  To his credit, he loves all this stuff, plus bowling, playing pool, and drinking Guinness.  I’m going to hang with him and Yumi (his wife) ASAP!!!  I love to bowl… I just suck at it.  Pool, not so much… once I get a few games under my belt, look out… unless I’ve had too many beers.  HA!!!  I have got to find my pool cue… my brother bought a custom one for me about 7 years ago and it’s in the storage room somewhere.  Anyway, I really appreciate being “Japanese” and love talking to my buddy when I’m there… several times a week.  Ha! I’ve got to start studying the language again since I could understand much more when I was younger than I do now – mind you,  I couldn’t speak it for shit – but I love the people and the culture. 

… now I’m off to eat some… SUSHI… that I made for myself tonight.  Just some hand-rolled tuna stuff, nothing too fancy.



  1. I have a coworker I eat sushi with upon occasion. But she disapproves of my choices. She is okay with my love of salmon. It is authentic. But Philadelphia rolls? Not so much.

    I do not care. The pairing of salmon and cream cheese is heavenly. Besides, whether or not Marco Polo was the first European to bring noodles from the Orient to Italy, had the Italians disdained noodles as not being fit for their food, where would that leave Italian cuisine now?

  2. Yow! I hear ya… even my Japanese friends think purists are a bit annoying… I’m a big red tuna freak… I’ll eat just about anything with that in there. Philly rolls are great with tuna. I also make a tuna roll variation of the “Hawaiian Roll” with pineapple. Yum! The Hawaiians make it with pineapple… and SPAM! Ha! But I don’t like spam! 🙂

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