Posted by: Nice Melons | December 28, 2008

On being hopeful…

As I get ready for a new year, I, like many, am contemplating what I have learned in the past. I’m not making resolutions per se, but I’m considering my actions and behavior over the last year and trying to move forward with my life.

Like others, I am so hopeful for our nation for the first time in many moons. I am grateful that our nation will get back on track beginning on January 20, 2009. While I cannot be at the inauguration of President-elect Obama, I will be watching with pride as he is sworn in. I cannot adequately express my feelings about this hope right now, but it is huge and all-encompassing. We’ll have a tough road ahead, but I strongly believe that we’re heading in the right direction. The people have spoken with their votes, and it makes me so proud that so many got out there and voted for what they wanted and believed.

On a personal note, I’ve learned that love can either kill you or save you. Yeah, it’s a broad statement, and maybe not the best way to describe what I’ve experienced over this past year. Love can make you do stupid things, especially when it’s complicated. I don’t think it should be… but I did some stupid shit and hurt myself and others and I own up to that. I’m on the right path now, and strongly believe that love should not be that complicated. Life and its circumstances are messy enough, but at the end of the day, I just want to be myself and be loved for that, and again, I think I am headed in the right direction there. I tried to be someone I was not, and tried to perpetuate that myth, and that was no basis for any kind of relationship, platonic or otherwise. It made me crazy and go down a path that was not good for anyone. I drank too much, which a year ago, was not like me. I was a wine and beer girl, and I’m going back to that. I’d far rather have a few Guinness and shoot pool with my peeps than drink martinis and bullshit. No more.

As for yoga, I’ve upped my home practice. I’m moving in a few months and will have a space dedicated to my practice. It will also double as my music studio, so I am very pleased about that. My mom is trying to sell her condo and it’s actually looking good there, even in this crazy economy. My new home is closer to my brother’s place – I’ll only be about 15 minutes from him and my sister-in-law – and a little closer to my home away from home, Oak Creek Canyon.

Music, well, like I said, I’ll have a dedicated space for that again, which is good. It’s hard to practice when I have no performance plans on the horizon, but I’m getting back into the same routine of when I was in school as much as I can. I’ve pulled out my old practice plans from when I was at IU and will do my damnedest to stay on track. I am very hopeful that music and I will be one again and that I can do a solo recital at some point. I have an ally there with my old accompanist from my ASU days, but won’t put too much pressure on myself since I do have a smoking day job that takes a lot of my attention.

As for Schwab, I am pleased with my progress. Since I’m in a client-facing role, I’m secure. I’ve got some stuff under my belt and plan on doing my Series 9/10 by March 2009. Every time I pass a certification, I get bumped up another level, which is good. I am so thankful that my brain works well and can grasp new concepts quickly. I never thought I’d be successful in the financial services industry, but there it is. I’ve had to reinvent myself several times in my life, and I’ve feel that I’ve finally gotten it right. Schwab seems to like those that work hard but still have a life outside of their job.

That being said, my mom was laid off from Schwab 2 weeks before Christmas. She worked with a lot of Executive VPs that were given the heave-ho, and after nearly 10 years with Schwab, it was a shock to say the least. She’s had good days and bad, but I know she’ll land on her feet. She’s paid full salary through July, so they did good by her. Still, I worry because she loved working there so much… but I think she’s going to get married in 2009 and start her baking business for real. I’m helping her with her website at the moment. I am so proud of her… and she’s really found a good guy who is protective of her and respectful, which she’s never really had.

…and now, here’s a picture of lil’ Opie in the bucket! Hee!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Happy 2009, my peeps!


  1. I wish you the best of luck in the new year. You sound strong and headed in a good direction.

    Take care.

  2. Thanks LB. Things are going much better now. It’s all about that path, huh? I like the “stumbling down the path” analogy, but I have to say that I’ve fallen smack-dab on my face several times this year. 😀

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