Posted by: Nice Melons | December 11, 2008


Well, sorry I’ve been offline, my peeps.  A new wrinkle has introduced itself into my life.

Tuesday night, coming home from yoga class and one beer with my dear loves, I was in an accident.  Trying to avoid someone, I sideswiped a telephone pole in my beloved 2001 Honda CR-V.  This was the first car I picked out for myself.  Notice that I say WAS… today I learned from my insurance company that it was a total loss.

The other driver took off, and I only got a partial plate.  It happened so damn fast that I keep replaying the scenario in my head, over and over.  All I know is that I couldn’t have done anything… I was kinda screwed.  I hate that.

Anyway, I am now shopping for new cars.  Tomorrow I will go and say goodbye to my kind friend who treated me so well these past 7 years.  I loved my car… and she protected me to the end.  I know that sounds sappy, but if it weren’t for her, I’d be in a world of hurt right now… and I’m pretty good, considering.  Just mourning her loss.



  1. NM, I’m glad you are okay!
    Maybe you want to get another Honda CR-V?

  2. The important thing is you’re okay!

    That being said, I would kill the poor sap who caused me to wreck my beloved Christine. I would be chasing after the sap all Terminator style.

  3. Hey OB! Yeah, I’m just fine, which is why I got another Honda! Woot! I picked up a slightly used 2007 Honda Element in Atomic Blue. I love her! I named her Bonnie. 🙂

  4. Daners FTW!

    I totally hear you. I was sooooooo pissed! And sad! I loved my CR-V. But as you can see by the reply to OB, I have a new car to love and she is awesome. Car payments, not so much… but my insurance company treated me right and I had $11K to put down. I’m pretty anal about taking car of my cars and follow the maintenance schedule and all… so I got the most I could. 😀

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