Posted by: Nice Melons | December 4, 2008

So, I have returned.

Whooo… I really needed that time up north.  It was cold and beautiful, and Oak Creek Canyon smells freakng FANTASTIC!  It’s a combination of the creek, the trees, and the wood fires… or something.  I wish I could bottle it, but all I can really do is carry the memory of the fragrance with me everywhere.  Those who know say that aroma carries the strongest memory connections, and I have to agree.  Every time I get back up there, the windows go down on the car… and as soon as I arrive, I am OUTSIDE as much as possible.

Healing is a wonderful thing, too.  I’m getting there, and I’ve also met someone new.  He’s pretty cool.  It’s pretty hard, though, still being pretty shell-shocked by everything.  He’s down with that, so it’s cool.  Maybe it will work out, but if not, I think I’ve found a great friend and ally there.  He’s a Midwestern boy, born in Detroit and raised here, which is pretty good in my books.  I tend to gravitate towards those Midwesterners, and I miss being in that part of the country.  He’s taking me to a holiday masquerade party this Saturday… and he’s not put off by wearing a mask or dancing with me, which is pretty damn awesome.  He brought me flowers!  I can’t believe it.  I haven’t had a guy bring me flowers in a very long time.  They were my favorite colors, too – a bunch with a dozen red roses and purple irises.  Sweet!  He brought my mom some flowers, too, which scores big points with me.  Here is a picture of mine:

OMG, he brought me FLOWERS!

OMG, he brought me FLOWERS!

So, anyway, I’m doing OK.  Trying to heal.  Trying not to use up someone else in doing so… but, it’s weird.  He’s been after me for a while… for months, really.  Before my emotional meltdown.  Now I’m coming back, and he’s come on strong for me.  I’m hopeful… but also not an emotional virgin at this point.  He knows the score.  Luckily, he still digs me in spite of that.

Well, my peeps, I must practice.  My bellydance recital is tomorrow and I don’t want to suck.  Good energy to you all!  :)~


  1. Nice to have someone in your corner isn’t it. Really nice flowers he got for you Melon Girl.

    So let’s see… if you wrote this on the 4th that means your bellydance recital was three days ago.

    any video of our gorgeous Melon Girl shakin her money maker?
    post please. : )

  2. Welcome back.

    How was the recital?

    And like Jules said above me, it’s nice to have someone in your corner. The flowers are fantastic

  3. Hi all. The recital went well and was a lot of fun. I know someone took a video, Jules,and I’m trying to track it down.

    Daners, you are indeed correct. It is a wonderful thing to have someone who is truly in your corner.

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