Posted by: Nice Melons | November 26, 2008

Navel gazing

Well, I’m off to Oak Creek/ Sedona tomorrow for Thanksgiving.  It’s good timing.  Something about that place totally recharges the melon.  I was going to try to go up there tonight, but I was seriously pooped after last night…  and a 7:00 AM dental appointment before I headed into the office.  The good news is that my dentist is great and also literally within spitting distance of the office.  The other good news is that this is my last trip until my next cleaning!  Yay!  I had a crown go bad on me and I needed a root canal. Ouch…  I had that done a while ago and this was just the last visit to put the permanent (and good) crown on my toothy.  This guy was my first dentist at 18 months old, and he is totally fantastic.  Here’s a shout-out for Dr. Lindemoen!  Woot woot!  I know that the work he’s done will see me to the crematorium.  Hee!

Anyway, for now, I’m taking a break from packing and having some sushi (a red-and-white roll, thankyouverymuch) in front of the fire.  Yes, it’s in the fireplace.  Ha ha ha! I didn’t light the sofa on fire or anything.  It’s rainy and a little chilly out right now and I needed a little warmth.  😀 The  kittehs are enjoying it too.  We’ll all be headed up north tomorrow, where it’s supposed to snow.  I hope so (I know that sounds weird) because I’d love to get some pictures of snow on the red rocks.  Woot!

Now Miss Chloe-Boey is trying to talk me out of my sushi.  It’s just not happening.  I am soooo hungry… and I have a feeling that the wasabi would give her the runs.  Ha!  Just what I need for the trip up north… a maniacally pooping kitteh.  Noooooo!

The cabin up in Oak Creek is great.  No TV, internet, and cell phones don’t work until you get just outside of Sedona, so it will be three and a half days of chill time.  Some friends are joining me and Mom for dinner, including a super-cool co-worker of mine who is British and who gets my goofy shit.  It should be a good time!  We’ll probably play drunken Scrabble at some point, especially with all the wine my Mom hauled up there.  Good thing the cabin sleeps 7 people, we may need it!  Hee!

Before I forget, I’ve been making a point of doing a list of things that I am thankful for each day, which I share with loved ones.  Mostly my Mom right now… but since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I thought I’d share with all of you.

  1. The people in my life who truly love me no matter where I am at the moment.  You know who you are.
  2. Music and the way it soothes my soul.
  3. Yoga and the way it soothes my soul (not to mention my carbon-based existence) when music doesn’t.
  4. My ability to find humor in everything, including myself.
  5. Freaking cool hats.  OK, just had to throw that in there.
  6. Sushi!!!  It makes my tummy happy.  When that is happy, I’m pretty happy.
  7. Being a redhead.
  8. Movies that make me think.
  9. Drunken (or sober) Scrabble games with my Mom.  She is da BOMB!
  10. Last, but not least, my kittehs.  They love me no matter what and know when I am down because they sit on me, rub me, and give me headbutts.

Welp, I’m hanging in there… but packing beckons me, so I’ll sign off for now with a funny kitteh for the day.  Happy Thanksgiving my peeps.  Hope you make your own list.  I try to do one every day.

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  1. Hope you had a great one Melons!

  2. I second that!

  3. Ah, thank you my dears. It was fab, and we got a lil’ snow… unfortunately it turned to ice on the red rocks before I could get a picture. Doh! It just made ’em kind of… shiny. SHINY! I lurve shiny objects! Hehehehe!

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