Posted by: Nice Melons | November 20, 2008

Curses! Memed again!!!

OK, I’ve been memed once again, this time by Ombudsben.  Arrrgh!  I am to come up with seven random facts about myself.  Hmmm…  Seven?  That I haven’t already admitted to on here?  SHEEEEEESH!  Well, I’ll try.

Here we go.

  1. I like to play “wheelbarrow” with my cats, and they really seem to like this.  This is where I grab their back legs and make them walk around on their front ones.  I thought I would totally get scratched for this but they just love it.  It’s hilarious!
  2. I was a Girl Scout through my senior year of high school and achieved the GS equivalent of Eagle Scout – the Gold Award.
  3. I was a wrangler at Girl Scout Camp Marapai in Prescott, AZ for two summers and competed in the Prescott Rodeo both of those years and did very well in the cutting competition.  This gave me the distinction of riding in the Prescott Rodeo Parade with the mayor of Prescott both years, and Willie Nelson for one.  He was cool.
  4. I once rode a Yamaha IT 125 dirt bike before I got serious about the horn.  I wanted a horse, and my Dad got me a dirt bike.  Go figure.  I messed myself up on it pretty good.  I rode it a few more times after the injuries, but then I put it away.  I didn’t like it that much. 
  5. I have hiked Rim-to-Rim of the Grand Canyon three times… but still, my favorite part of the canyon is the end – the Havasupai trail.
  6. I have gone up Half Dome and El Capitan in Yosemite.
  7. I am a sushi freak.  I also make it OK.  I would be more than happy to eat sushi for every meal and never tire of it… but there are also so many other cuisines out there that I like to eat, so I don’t like to limit myself.  Ha!

Wow, I can’t believe that I came up with all seven. Ta-da!!!


  1. If I tried to play “wheelbarrow” with Molly, I’m pretty sure I’d be an amputee.

    Ooo, I’m thinking this summer I might drive down to the Grand Canyon! You’ll have to get me some hints on some good trails.

  2. Wheelbarrowed cats sounds hysterical. You Tube, you know, was invented for situations like this.

    NM, you have so much energy. As you write about evolution in your next post, I’ve had a Darwinian thought. We animals evolved able to adrenalize quickly — a survival mechanism. It seems to me that your high energy allows you to rev fast; but some of what you do in your private life is self-decelerating. Counter-acting what you excel at in so many other ways. What think you?

    Thrice around the canyon? That’s pretty cool.

  3. You’ve hit the nail on the head, OB. I’m a high-energy kind of gal, and I need someone who will appreciate that I guess. I’m still a beginner when it comes to relationships, and maybe it is best that I remain single for awhile, if not forever. Heading back to the ashram sounds very tempting right now, but I need to learn to live in real time. *sigh* I’m still in the fight or flight mode when it comes to romantic relationships… it’s hard for me to sit back and just enjoy the ride. Especially if the ride totally confounds me. 🙂

    I’ve got good days and bad days when it comes to this. I am in a lot of pain emotionally but just trying to be here now and appreciate the moments that are good…

    I’ve learned a lot about myself for these past few months.

  4. BTW, Daners… from what I’ve heard about your Molly, you’d be super-lucky if she didn’t put an eye out… or both of ’em. Hee hee hee!

    Depending on what shape you’re in, I’d recommend Havasupai hands down… I just don’t know what shape it’s in since the floods over a year ago. It’s about 12 miles from the rim to the camp. Plus, you do have to get a permit. There are the Bright Angel and Kaibab Trails. Bright Angel is pretty easy. Do a Google. I may be able to help you with the permits if my ranger pal is still up there. Muah!

  5. Thanks dear!

    Speaking of Molly, I was awaken at 3:30 this morning cause she was hungry. She acts like I never feed her or something! And did Daners get up to feed her cat’s fat ass? Of course she did. Cause Molly knows who her bitch is 😦

  6. Ha ha ha! I know the feeling. I had to get up super-early on Wednesday morning, and at about 1:00 AM I started waking up every hour on the hour. About 3 AM, Opie da kitteh caught on to this. First, he wanted to seek out the elusive “blanket monster” (in other words, attack my feet under the covers), then he wanted to open all the cabinets in the kitchen while yelling about it. For such a little guy, he has an awfully big mouth. I gave up about 4:30 AM and got up to chase his little furry butt around the house. When I left for my dental appointment just after 6:15 AM, he was blissfully sound asleep on my pillow… the little shit! He’s totally got it made.

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