Posted by: Nice Melons | November 6, 2008

Life, and other things like it.

You know, I know that blogging is better therapy than, well, psychological analysis…  I’m beginning to think that all shrinks are hella crazier than I could ever be.  Holy crap.  Yeah yeah, I know; I’m doing the “it’s not me, it’s YOU” thing but I gotta tell you, I think I may be on to something here.

Being back in yoga, well, it’s a total turnaround for me.  I’m grinning from ear-to-ear right now under the influence of a total yoga buzz and some butternut squash ravioli from Pasta Pomodoro.  I swear, they must put some kind of Italian crack in there because I could eat three or four dinner-size portions of that and still want more.  I get it with the extra sage and would roll around in it if I could… eating it is just so enjoyable, though.  Anywhoo…

Other highlights of my day today… hmm, let’s see.

  1. Root canal time.  I had my first ever crown done in 2001 in California and the guy totally sucked – it was too short and has always given me trouble.  I have a great dentist – his name is Robert Lindemoen, right near Schwab, who has known me since I was a year or so old – is DA BOMB and I wished that I had come back to Arizona and paid out-of-pocket for good work, because crowns should last a long while.  Well, this one had to come off, and I got to experience the pain of my first root canal at 7:00 AM, and got the pleasure of working when the novacaine wore off.  Woot!   Damn, it still hurts like HELL and caused a hellacious headache this afternoon.  Martini?  Well, no… but yoga class tonight CERTAINLY helped a great deal… not to mention that pint of Haagen-Daz “Rum Raisin” ice cream I just inhaled.  Ha!
  2. After the dental hell, I’m over in the Safeway across from my office and I got propositioned by a guy half my age.  Mind you, I’m still totally numb (and probably drooling???) which may have given him the wrong idea.  Yeah, he gave me his number, and this was after my standard line of “dude I’ve got SHOES older than you.”  Too funny.  He freaked out because I was laughing so hard.
  3. My boss brought in the killer bomb breakfast, which was soft enough for me to eat without making an ass of myself.  Funeral potatoes (I must have the recipe… again, I think crack was involved… I ate like 3 servings of these damn things), some kind of yummy egg frittata, cinnamon rolls, and another team member brought in pumpkin bread.  Oh yeah.   Notice a trend?  I’m such a food whore.  Don’t even get me started on chocolate or cheese. Next week is my turn for breakfast, I think. If not, I’ll surprise ’em.
  4. My former mentor (I transferred to the SoCal team from the Pacific NW @Schwab) and I are totally going to hang this weekend.  This guy is my twin.  He is so smart and fun, and he taught me well.  I hope to go for sushi.  Over a month ago, he made a comment about having a Bergman movie night… but said that we’d have to have lots of hard alcohol (maybe some Aquavit?), cigarettes, ice cream, and clocks. I totally get this.  I LOLed, and I’m still LOLing, muwhahaha!  So funny.  He’s the best.  Every day I tell him that I miss him.  I do.  We were yin and yang, you know?  Flip sides of the same coin.  He’s freaking AWESOME.

Well, I think that’s pretty much it.  I’m heading off for the SWEET hot tub.  Yayayayayayayayayaya! Woot!  Then I’m going to re-read my bio on Kate Hepburn and hit the hay.  OAO.  Laters…


  1. … I get it with the extra sage and would roll around in it if I could…

    Pictures! I want pictures!

  2. Hmmm. Pasta Pomodoro. The butternut squash is delish…

    Hi Nice Melons. 🙂

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