Posted by: Nice Melons | August 23, 2008


Hello, my blog peeps.  I just finished my first week at Schwab.  It is so awesome there; a totally different culture that actually REWARDS people for being innovative and smart!  Wow.  I work with a lot of people who are just like me… consummate over-achievers all.  I feel much more at home there after one week than I have in nearly 3 years with the State of AZ.  I liked a lot of my co-workers with the State, don’t get me wrong…  it was the environment that stifled the hell out of me. 

The pace is incredibly fast.  I love it.  I’ve not been online much because I’m studying every night as well as keeping up the yoga practice and music.  Whew!  Plus my personal life is just peachy, thank you very much.  Happy happy happy! 

I’m also looking to start my formal yoga certification in January.  I want to help other people discover how they can heal themselves with yoga as I have done.  It’s a bunch of $$$, but I really want to do it.  I’ll find a way.

more animals 

Anywhoo, I’m off to yoga class, so I will try to post more a little later.

Woot woot!!!


  1. W00T!!! I’m happy that you’re happy!

    And congrats on everything!

  2. Hi Melons! Glad you’re liking the new job.

  3. What Wanda said. 🙂

  4. Glad to hear all is going well for you! That kitten is too cute 🙂

  5. Hello my peeps. Yes, it is going rather well but I still have a lot to learn!!! I am so exhaused every night when I get home, and my days are crazy busy. Still, this is what I wanted… and I’m learning so much that my brain is full. Whoa.

  6. Aww. The kitty.

    Glad you are enjoying your new job. 🙂

  7. That’s awesome. Congrats!

  8. Where oh where hast mine Nice Melons gone?

    I hope you’re still enjoying your job and all is well!

  9. Hi there! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I love my job, which, although I’m still sort of hanging on by my nails, has made all the difference. (The migraines are all election-induced at the moment.)

    Your public misses you… 🙂

  10. hey!… where are you [Jules taps on the glass… tap, tap, tap, tap.]
    You in there?!? [Cupping his eyes and peering into the window]

    hm… where’s Melon Girl.

  11. What jules says go for me, two.

    [tap tap tap]

    yoo hoo!

    I hope you’re having great fun sommairs.

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