Posted by: Nice Melons | August 5, 2008

Can I get a woot-woot?

Hello my blog peeps! 😀

Well, my persistence paid off… I will start my new job with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. on Monday, August 18.  Yay!  I’ve been trying to get in there for over a year.  I will be working with Schwab Institutional.  I’ll be making more money, there are bonuses, and the opportunities for promotion are great.  Best of all, I won’t be working for the State anymore!  Double-yay!  So happy!  Happy happy happy!

more cat pictures

Sorry I’ve been an absentee blogger lately, but I really had to spend some serious time making sure that I nailed this f*cker to the wall.  I’ve been so burnt out by this State job that I smell smoke.  Plus it makes my brain mushy.  No more!  Jajajajaja!

I miss Daners, though.  What happened to Daners-Bananers?  😦


  1. Congrats! Glad to hear you’re moving on to something bigger and better.

  2. Congrats!

    I miss Daners too. I think there’s an APB out on her.

  3. That makes three of us. Why can’t someone boring go away? I didn’t want Daners to leave!

    Hey man, if you’re working for Schwab, can I buy stock from you over the internet? Seriously?

  4. I want to know where my other comment went and NOW!

    Okay, sorry for pouting. And sorry if this be a double post

    Never fear my beautiful peoples! I have not forsaken you or something.

    I’ll explain laters. I mihgt not be back on again for a few days. But I’ll be back and I’ll explain. I did a LOT of searching in my soul or something. I feel like i’m in a Danelle Steele book.

    People, do not read Danielle Steele. She is evil

  5. Hey!!

    Graywabbit, thanks for the good wishes. You probably have an idea how happy I am about all this. It’s a great company.

    Wanda, I love your new moniker and the new avatar. I totally snorted my Bombay Sapphire martini when I saw that. Gin does not feel good going up your nose, BTW. Doh! It’s hard on the mandibles.

    Tigereye, I seriously don’t know if I can sell stock since I won’t be a broker – I’m more like another wonk advising big muckity-much private investors on regulatory and compliance stuff. Sounds like a big yawn, but I excel at the nitty-gritty details. Schwab Institutional has over 800 billion worth of business with these folks, aiming for 1 trillion for 2010 and they are well ahead of the goal even in today’s crappy economy.

    Daners FTW!!!!! I don’t know where the comment went. Maybe Dick Cheney is watching us? Don’t know, but I’m so glad that you resurfaced. I totally agree with Tigereye, except that I don’t seem to have any boring blog peeps at the moment. 😀 Jajajajaja!

  6. That bastardo!!

    Plus, I’m back up and running.

  7. Woot woot!

    Best of luck with the transition. Transitions are always exciting and more than a bit scary. I’m finally coming to the conclusion I have to get my ass out of my job, though I still want to stay with my company b/c I only have seven years before I’m fully vested with my pension. But, in the meantime I think it’s time to make an internal move.

    Congratulatons, girl. A big high five and a terrorist fist bump to you.

  8. Hey LB! Thanks for the big high five and terrorist fist bump. An internal move sounds like the way to go, especially if you want to be fully vested. Hopefully there is someone there that can mentor you into a position that will be more rewarding, both financially and personally.

  9. Yeah, what was that crack about boring people, Tigereye? Way to make a ho feel self-conscious!

    Congrats about the new jobber, Nice Mels. Yeppers.

  10. Hey, shhh… don’t talk about Cheney. He shoots people. 😐

  11. Congratu-freakin’lations, Melon kopf! I hope the job is everything you want it to be.

  12. Anners, you are not boring. Sheesh! Far from it. Sorry I haven’t been by lately, I’m gearing up for my new position and trying to exit the old one gracefully. Busy busy busy.

    Jennifer, I know he shoots people. I was worried that he got Daners. Hee! He’s a total moron, but one with a lot of power, which scares me.

    OB!!!! There you are. I am so happy you stopped by. I’ve been a naughty blogger lately and have not been writing much. I can’t wait to start at Schwab! It’s going to be refreshing to be back in the private sector where people actually have to take responsibility for what they do (or don’t do). Wheee!

  13. OMG i effin love you.
    you know of the joy that is

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