Posted by: Nice Melons | July 22, 2008

Hug time, please?

Well, this is how I feel in my new assignment.  One group treats me like a spy, the other treats me like an outsider…  kind of like high school all over again.

more cat pictures



  1. Aww, look at teh kitteh!!!

  2. It looks like my lil’ Opie.

  3. Alaska and Sasquatch send you head butts, and I a hug.

  4. Thanks, LB. It’s been a tough couple of days since my “status” kind of changed.

  5. Aw! Hugs Time for you Melon 🙂

  6. On the upside, hopefully you don’t have to sit through lots of tedious classes with a teacher droning on and the usual high school fuck-ups pulling classroom pranks?

    And the pay is better?

  7. My HS reunion is this year. My HS best friend emailed me and said, “So I guess you don’t wanna go, huh?” and I said, “Not unless I’m guaranteed that I can make the place look like the prom scene in ‘Carrie.'”

    It’ll get better at work. ‘Cos NOTHING is as awful as high school. Sending you a cyberhug, though.

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