Posted by: Nice Melons | July 17, 2008

Ur doing it wrong

Some times I am very upset with myself because I cannot read people. Or something. It is very, very frustrating and irritates everyone… myself the most.

funny pictures
more cat pictures


  1. I know the feeling.

  2. I’m sorry MelonGirl.
    [Deist sits down next to MG and puts his head on her shoulder.]

  3. Sadness is contagious.

  4. The best cure for Ihasasaditis is to curl up with a fur friend. Even when it feels like the rest of the doesn’t get us, our furry friends will always love us.


  5. Hello my blog-peeps. I’ve been working on my sad and hope that Anners didn’t catch any. Hee!

    LB, I’ve spent a lot of time with the furballs this weekend. I also saw my Mummy and hung out with people who understand me…

    Jules, I just want to feel normal sometimes. Dealing with people can be difficult in the best of circumstances. *sigh*

    Jennifer, thanks for popping in!

  6. No problem, I’m like popcorn.

  7. silly girl — you ARE the normal one. 🙂

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