Posted by: Nice Melons | July 7, 2008

The Daily Dorkage

Damn, I’m coming to you live from my neighborhood Starbucks since my cable modem took a dump.  Doh!  Oh, and I totally freaked out – my normal stats are around 70 hits per day… I logged in just now and notice that I am up over 400 for today alone.  WTF?  That was weird, but totally cool.  Hello all.

I had the most incredible weekend.  Perma-grin is still present an accounted for.

So, I returned to my Clark Kent job this AM only to discover that there was a system-wide failure at the State Capitol Complex over the weekend and all the air conditioning was phucked.  Now, in Phoenix during the summer, this is a major problema.  Fortunately the servers are at another location and they didn’t melt, but it was still 107 degrees when the physical plant guys came in this AM to turn on the A/C.  The State, in a nod to conserving power, does not run the environmental controls over the weekend because, well, er… no one is usually there.  From what I understand, though, in the past, there has been weekend monitoring so we’d know if there was a power failure and then it could be dealt with accordingly.  As it is, two of the A/C units were fried and one was barely functioning, so no on-site worky-worky for Melon Girl today.

Since we have negative $dough$, however, they cut that… and our Department couldn’t work today as a result.  When I left, my boss told me that we could either take annual leave (AKA vacation time), work at another location (with no computer – sooo, I’d basically be hanging out, being ornamental), or telecommute.  They were still waiting to hear whether or not the Director would approve administrative leave for the employees so that those who aren’t able to telecommute – the rank and file – wouldn’t be penalized by the State’s cranial-anal inversion and have to use their annual leave to not work in the heat. 


Since I had more than enough work to do, and the ability to telecommute, I elected to do that from many different locations since my modem ate it.  I DID NOT want to drive to another location – I never get reimbursed for gas money – and it was too much of a clusterf*ck to get a State vehicle this AM since, well, everything was basically screwed.  Too much drama.  I didn’t want to wait around and melt.  Nor did I want to give up any of my annual leave – I had sh*t to get done.  I guess I’m not your typical government worker.

This is yet another fantastic example of being State government penny-wise and pound-foolish.  *Sigh* 

Ahh, tax dollars at work.  I have got to get another job.

Not only that, I’ve got to get the fresh hell out of Starbucks before this guy starts sitting on my lap.  He’s been giving me the eye since I came in.  Not interested!!!!  Arrrrgh!


  1. Ooh, creepy Starbucks guy…

    I refuse to think about how hot it must be in AZ without an AC.

  2. I can barely handle Washington with no AC. Never mind the ephing desert.

    Ah, annual leave. I never want to use it either. But I’m all about taking sick leave. Even though I haven’t for nearly seven months.

    And getting a federal vehicle is annoying enough. I feel your pain about that one. I had a class in Mount Vernon and had to stay on the other side of the water for three days. I had a choice of driving my own POV, driving a marked unit, which meant I had to be gunned up during my trip (no thanks), or cheicking out a federal vehicle. Yeah. i just drove. With a gas card, tho. So yay?

  3. You know that happened to me a couple of days ago. My stats usually 40 or so hits per day and just this one day… BOOM! 225 hits. Weird, huh. Hope all is well with you MelonGirl, muah!

  4. I’m having stat envy. My best day was a lousy 180.

    Oh, but you live where the temps get in the triple digits on a regular basis.

    OK, I’ll rejoice in your stats while basking in my bay breeze.


  5. LB, it does get quite nasty here in Phoenix during the summer… but it’s supposed to be only in the 90 to low 100s this week. The monsoon season has started, so now I stick to everything. I do miss living in the Bay Area where I could pretty much have one wardrobe for the entire year.

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