Posted by: Nice Melons | July 2, 2008


I cannot stop smiling.  It’s really cool to be this happy.  Whee!

The clue phone rang, and I answered.  For once, it wasn’t a collect call.  The obstacles have been removed from my path.  Many thanks, Ganesh!  You’re not even my deity and you did me a huge favor.

Freakin' SWEET!


  1. Yay!!

    Although, the smiling cantaloupe is kinda scary, like I must kill it before it terrorizes the whole world

  2. ^ hee!

    Okay I clicked the link and that Harish Johari lad at the bottom scared the bejeebus out of me even more than the watermelon with a soul scared Daners.

    But I am so very glad you are super happy!

  3. sweeeeet!
    good to hear MelonGirl.


  4. That’s not a watermelon Anners.

    I think it’s awesome that you found a smiling melon, and very fitting.

  5. I’m happy for your happiness.

  6. Thanks Wanda! For publicly pointing out that I incorrectly identified that canteloup as a watermelon. I think I’m going crazy. You should have seen how psychotically misguided I was on Joders’ blog.

    I need help.

    I’ll just stop commenting on blogs for a while because I’m having deep personal issues.

  7. I apologize to everyone for not posting sooner, but not only have I been a lil’ bit busy getting my ya-yas out, 😉 my cable modem seems to have taken a large, beefy DUMP. I’ll have another modem tomorrow thanks to my lovely friend Holli. Meanwhile, I’m coming to you live from the wireless at Starbucks… until they kick my ass out. Heh!

    Daners, I think we need to figure out a way to take that cantalope and turn it into a WMD… it would be easy to sneak it into the Oval Office, I think. Meanwhile, since it scares you, I’ll turn it into my avatar. Woot!

    Anners, you so do not suck. My (soon to be) former avatar has a cat rolling a watermelon, so you may have just been confused. Get out from under that rock and remove the peanut butter from your ears. I have lots of Q-tips. Oh, and stop beating yourself, too. You are da bomb. We need to get together and drink a toast to the demise of Jesse Helms. Pat Buchanan, you are SO NEXT. Well, I hope, anyway.

    LB, I am happy for my happiness too. It’s about damn time. The other sitution didn’t work out. I sincerely believe that the purpose of the relationship was to remove an obstacle from my path – I hadn’t been involved with anyone for four years – and to flip that light switch back on. It’s funny how life works out, no?

    JULES!!!! Babe! Thanks for stopping by, it’s always good to hear from you. I need to get my act togeher again – blogging has been on the back burner for a little while, but writing is so damn important that it will be a short hiatus.

    Wanda, I love your blog. I’ve been lurking for a few days and gleefully chortling to myself. I’ll be by to comment as soon as I, er, get back to earth. Hee!

    Melon Central, over and out.

  8. Pat Buchanan and Don Imus…

    Yay! New modem!

    And I’m so up for drinking.

  9. Hahaha you had me at MWD> Then you had to make it your avie.

    I will be having nightmares because of it

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