Posted by: Nice Melons | June 20, 2008

Back to Oak Creek

Well… I’m headed back to Oak Creek Canyon this weekend… as in tomorrow.  Oh, wait!  That would be today.

Oak Creek is place I like to visit as much as possible in order to recharge my batteries, physical, mental, and otherwise.  I really need it, I think.  The past two weeks have been very draining.  Meltdowns do that in general, but I’m just tired of trying to figure it all out.  I need to just be for a while.  Then maybe when I get back, I’ll have some answers… or at least figure out what the questions are so that I can study for the test.   I don’t have any internet, TV, or cell phone access at the cabin, so it will be a true vacation… with me and the kittehs.  They love road trips and ESPECIALLY going to the cabin.  I am so fortunate to have their love and acceptance.   I’m going to read, practice horn/ voice, do yoga, meditate, chat with my Mom, and play with the kittehs.



  1. Sounds paradisiacal! Have a stellar time and tell us all about it immediately once you return. Ha. Pressure.

  2. Have fun and when you get back, you have been tasked to do a meme. No pressure or anything 😉

  3. Have a rest for all of us. And play with the cats especially for me.

  4. Daners, I did it, damn memes. Grrr… ;D

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