Posted by: Nice Melons | June 19, 2008

My Vedic Profile

OK, Anners, you are an enabler.  Neener!  Now I’ve gotten addicted to Astrocenter.  I’m a big ol’ dork.

Your Moon Nakshatra is Anuradha

Anuradha means the power to worship.The symbol of Anuradha is a lotus (whoa, I have a big ol’ tattoo of a lotus on my back.  COOL!). Anuradha is ruled by Saturn, which shows you have a serious and determined nature as well as a natural humility and desire to serve (is that this huge “kick me” sign I keep finding on my back?).


Mythologically, Mitra is the deity of Anuradha. Mitra means “friend.” He was one of the Adityas, the celestial brothers who nurture and protect the earth. In ceremonies, the protection of Mitra is often times evoked first in order to convey friendliness, respect, and courtesy toward the other deities. The spirit of cooperation and compromise is abundant here. Putting this friendliness and cooperation into practice, not just acknowledging it mentally, is being cultivated. However, there may be trials and tribulations to overcome along the way. A certain level of respect and loyalty is being tested in Anuradha (no shit!). Yet once loyalty and respect are earned, it is earned for life and expressed selflessly. Dedication and a practical approach to cultivating friendliness and cooperation lead to success in all endeavors (I’m working on that).


Strengths: You have the ability to persevere through life’s ups and downs (boing) through a friendly and devoted approach; this makes you loyal, dependable, and leads to your success. You are able to maintain powerful connections to friends while preserving your personal autonomy. You have great organizational skills and the ability to motivate others toward meaningful action (you just have to look at my underwear drawer to know that this is true).


Shadow issues: You may be sullen and moody at times, which may affect your relationships with others. At times you may have a strict nature which will make others avoid you. Unable to manage certain emotions, you may try to manage others’ emotions instead. Be careful with perceived slights and jealousy. Insulating yourself from others in demanding they prove themselves first may be an obstacle (Yep, yep, and yep.  Pretty much me.  I’m more sad than angry, though, when I’m contemplating things.  I can get pretty steamed about things, sometimes, but mostly because I’m sad.  I also can’t read people for crap.  I’m working on all these things daily but know that there are many, many people out there who are not willing to go the distance.).


  1. I’m sorry! We can be addicted together! 🙂

    Scary accurate Free Vedic Profiles for the win!

  2. STOP IT!!!!

    Cause of course I had to do it…

  3. I just did mine. I am so not a cow udder! Although I did have that dream about spinach dip in my boobs. hmmm…
    The Shadow issues is totally wrong tho’ – I think those are John McCain’s issues or something.

    Pushya means “to provide nourishment.”

    The symbol of Pushya is a cow udder. Pushya is ruled by Saturn, giving you a practical, serious, and determined nature. You will have a dutiful, conservative, and realistic approach, one that appreciates the value of our daily efforts as they magnify over time.

    Mythologically, Brihaspati the priest presides here. Brihaspati was the husband of the beautiful Tara. The moon God Soma fell in love with Tara and she with him. The two ran away together and had a passionate affair. After some time she was convinced to return home, but she had become pregnant. She gave birth to a child (Mercury) from the union with Soma. In spite of the child not being his own, Brihaspati agreed to raise him and loved the child as his own, even though Mercury did not reciprocate the affection. A deep compassion and desire to nourish others is seen here, as well as the capacity to endure humiliation for the sake of duty and responsibility.

    Strengths: You are very good at putting into practice what you have learned – walking the walk, not just talking the talk. You will have a deep sensitivity to others and the capacity to endure humiliation and difficulty without excessive ego in order to achieve your goals. You are also a good planner, particularly adept at putting into place the right steps that allow your dreams to manifest through patience, humility, and service.

    Shadow issues: You may be stuck in your ways and slow to change, convinced that the old ways are the best, tending to be stuffy and conservative. Be careful not to become the martyr, suffering silently, enduring too much for the sake of your long-term goals, or else arrogance, jealousy, and bitterness may result. Your self-contained efficiency may simply be a wall of protection against the fear of change or the difficulty of facing your emotions honestly.

  4. Sorry for putting it in a comment. If it’s too long (that’s what she said) I don’t mind if you delete it 🙂

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