Posted by: Nice Melons | June 5, 2008

The story of my life…

…well, as a writer, anyway. This is too freakin’ funny.

song chart memes
more graph humor and song chart memes
So sue me, I’m the grammar nazi while at work. It’s just one of the services that I provide. Here at WordPress, eh… not so much. Feh. Meh. Bleah.


  1. Heh — we must have similar jobs. I’ve always been treated like the wet blanket for correcting this stuff, and then I met a fellow grammar enforcer who HIRED me because of it. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to use my mastery of my native freakin’ language as a marketable skill.

    It’s not nearly so bad here at WP as it is other places, though. Trust me. Well, you probably know.

  2. I really want to invent a “dork check” for word processing software. They’ve got spell check (which most STILL refuse to utilize), and MS Word will sometimes – SOMETIMES – catch incorrect grammar. What I want to create is a program that will catch all the sentences that don’t make sense because of an incorrect word that is spelled correctly but out-of-context. Apparently this is nearly impossible in the English language, according to my programmer friends. Our grammar rules are just too inconsistent… oh really? 😛 I guess that is what we’re here to do, huh?

  3. grammarians suck.

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