Posted by: Nice Melons | June 5, 2008

It’s Thursday! Yay!

Well, actually it’s Friday for me. I work four 10 (12? 13? 14? Going once… going twice…SOLD!!) hour days for the State. It’s great because I always get a three-day weekend. Well, until they take that away from me. we were granted this “alternative schedule” option in order to build morale since we’re out of money and not likely to have it anytime soon.  Meanwhile… we’re hoarding office supplies since employees are too strapped to buy their own like we usually do.  Hell, if I had to use the pens that are “approved” for purchase by the State during the pre-budget crisis, I’d poke my own eye out.  That’s about all you can do with ’em because they don’t write worth a damn.  Feh. 

So I’m in that limbo right now when I resort to busywork (e.g. blogging) at the end of the day because:

  1. I’m usually waiting for responses from people who have already left for the day;
  2. I’m afraid that if I go to Pundit Kitchen, ICHC, or GraphJam I will snort loudly while LOLing;
  3. I’m loathe to start another mongo project that will make me lose track of time and miss my 7:05 PM yoga class; and/or
  4. I’m freaking bored.


Since I usually snort while I read some of my blog-peeps’ comments or posts, it’s still a dangerous activity.  So I try to keep myself out of trouble by writing.  As a certified (certifiable?) policy wonk, the folks around here are used to seeing me glued to a computer, typing away with maniacal glee.  Whatever. 

I think my work pals really wonder about me when I start laughing at all the legislation I’m currently reviewing, summarizing, and revising for the re-res across the street.  Plus, I usually have this big red spot or bruise in the front of my forehead from banging my head against my desk.  Anyway, these activities (laughing and banging) are usually related to something like…  how in the fresh hell do these people expect us to implement changes in the law without any money?  Yeah, details, details… but these folks forget about stuff like that since we have to re-train employees, hire new ones, write code, make changes to a computer mainframe that is 25+ years old (I think of it as a very tired hamster running in a wheel somewhere), communicate this crap with other agencies so they can call us up and pretend they never heard a thing, etc. etc. etc.  The list is endless.  But hey!  If they wanted to throw some of that special interest money our way, uhhh… that would be super.  Ummmm, ooooohkay?  Besides, I believe you have my stapler


  1. 4 day work week?! Nice. I pra for this because three day weekends are niiiiiiice.

    Oh, and I can has password plz? You can email it to the email I use for wordpress.

  2. Yes… it is most lovely to have the three-day weekend. I don’t know how long it will last since I’m looking to get out of working for the State of AZ, but I will enjoy it while I can!

    I sent you an email about the protected post. It got freaking NOMMED! Bite me WordPress. With mandibles.

  3. Mandibles! Hee Hee!

    * I want a 1 day work week. I’d be prepared to work 40 hours a day for the privilege.

    * I think we all type with maniacal glee…

    * Those cantaloupe (sp?) slices in your header are delectable looking. Me wants!

  4. I do have your stapler.

    So pretty and red.

    And I have been busy stapling with it.

    Staple, staple, staple, staple!

    I bang on its little head, shaped like Moby Dick, blushing bright.

    Bang, bang, bang, bang! I am stapling with your stapler, ha ha ha!

  5. I’m going to set the building on fire…

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