Posted by: Nice Melons | May 27, 2008

It is not I who am crazy… it is I who am MAD!

Yep, well, it’s already one of those days and it’s not even 11:00 AM. I’m surrounded by re-res (thanks, Anners for bringing this term back into my vernacular) and I don’t have any coffee… or any tequila, which would be infinitely better at this point.  I’m also listening to Moris Tepper right now, which makes things pretty surreal… so I’m probably just making it worse for myself.  Heh.  Moris is pretty good, though.  He was here a few weeks back and I got to see him do an acoustic set at Stinkweeds and also a set at the Rhythm Room.  

So, the long weekend… yeah, I did NOT want to come into work today.  Ugh.  However, I did get to spend a good chunk of quality time with the very yummy man in my life.  I did not want to leave him this AM.  He’s a teacher, and school just ended last Friday so he is free for the next 5 weeks until he teaches summer school for three weeks.  Then he’s off for another three weeks.  It will be very cool to see him a little more often.  I got to meet a lot of his friends over the weekend, which was great.  We went to a Sun City Girls concert/ memorial for drummer Charles Gocher, and the next night we were at a bash at photographer Marilyn Szabo’s house in the F.Q. Story Historical District.  A good time was had by all… and you can read some more about the Sun City Girls here.

Last night, I met another set of his friends and their family at a BBQ up at their home.  The food was not the only thing that was being grilled… *snort*  I guess that I met with their approval, which is good.  I also played Wii for the first time.  Woot!  I really want one now, but I am a government employee with no disposable income AT ALL.  Heck, I can barely pay the bills that I need to every month!  Maybe the Wii gods will have pity on me and drop one off on my doorstep.  Heh – yeah, right.  Anyway, I pissed off the 9-year-old by kicking his ass repeatedly at Wii-baseball.  I also played Wii bowling, tennis, golf, and also tried boxing.  Now THAT is dangerous – it would be even better if you could upload an actual picture to put on the face of the avatar.  Perhaps this will be in the next version of Wii.  The only problem is that I now think that I have Wii tennis elbow.  Uh-oh.     

So, anyway… I’m a big ol’ dork.  I really like this guy.  HALP! I like his brains and his parts. The whole package is very exciting and I’ve got it bad. Dammit! He seems to like me too, since we’ve spent some time together… and he has not yet run away screaming. *Sigh*

Welp, that’s enough insanity for now. I must get back to work. Workity work work work. *Clunk*



  1. Yay! about the yummy man 😉

  2. I want a Wii, too. I want to play tennis. Not real tennis, mind you, because I suck, but Wii tennis. It looks like fun.

    Ooooo! hot manz! And the total package?! Very jealous of you right now. You got to play Wii. You got to pick on the young and feeble. And you got a sessy man.

  3. Yeppers, he’s pretty hot. Heh.

    Watch out for the Wii tennis elbow, though. Brutal.

  4. Ooh, sexy man stories! Put up a pic. Haha, just kidding.

    And you really must blame Daners for the ‘re-re’ thing. That is her baby.


  5. Yes, he is quite sessy… but he’s messing with my head now. I think I will have to spank him. He may enjoy that, however…

  6. New men are fun. Sounds like a great weekend. Me, I just hung out with the same old man and did a whole lotta nothin’. Which, while not as exciting, does have its plusses, ya know?

  7. Well, doing nothing sounds great about now. I saw the man on Friday night, and now he’s disappeared. I haven’t heard from him in two days. We’ve been dating just shy of 4 months. Hmmm… I’m not sure what to make of this.

  8. Advice from the peanut gallery:
    Ignore him – don’t call, or e-mail, or text him. Seriously. He’ll wonder what is going on and why you have seemingly lost interest.
    This always worked for me 99% of the time.
    Unless he is in a coma. Then he prolly won’t call.

  9. Yeah, I hear you. I just got an email from him that he was going to call tonight. I mean, I knew where he was but he didn’t call me. I just don’t like that I am kind of out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Or at least it feels that way. Maybe I’m just a wreck.

    I’m going to yoga class. I do anyway on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday nights and Friday mornings.
    I need to get all this crapola out of my system and get back to my centered happy place.

    I really hate these damn games. You’d think at this point in life that kind of crap would be so over.

  10. Oh so the sessy man is playing games now?! Yeah, I don’t like that out of sight out of mind mess either. I think it’s just the way guys are, though, so maybe he’s not playing games. And he emailed you, that’s better!

    Spank him anyway.

  11. A spanking! A spanking! (You know what comes after the spanking)

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