Posted by: Nice Melons | May 24, 2008

Heh heh heh…

This made it on the front page. I think working for the State of Arizona has just made my addiction to Pundit Kitchen a whole lot worse that it would be normally.

Political Picture - John McCain
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  1. I used to think he was a harmless old bastard, but lately he’s making me seriously loathe him. Which is all right, actually. I get through an election season much easier if I have no compassion whatsoever for the opponent anyhow.

  2. Ha, that’s brilliant

  3. tigereye, I can attest that he is not harmless… but ineffective in a sinister kind of way. He’s been a senator in AZ forever and he is such a flip-floppin’, jelly-bean-stealin’ SOB that the mere thought of him being elected frightens me. If he is elected, I’m going to volunteer for early organ donation, or something.

  4. Howdy!

    I don’t like John McCain. That is all.

    (BTW Nice Melons, have we met? On another website? Just wondering.)

  5. Wanda, I’ve been by Anners’ blog, as well as the blog home of tigereye, Daners, Ali-ers, and many others… Thanks for coming by!

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