Posted by: Nice Melons | May 19, 2008

Opie Plays Fetch

This is an older movie of my little orange tabby Opie who loves to play fetch.  Contrary to this video, he  will do this as long as you throw the little crackle ball.  He loves to play this game so much that he will line up the balls (he’s got anywhere between 6 – 10 of them, depending on how frequently I vacuum under the appliances) right where my feet hit the floor when I get out of bed in the morning and then he will POUNCE!  He also wants to play when I want to sleep (of course) and will bring all the balls into the bed so when I roll over, it makes a crunchy sound and then he ATTACKS!  The little sh*t.

I’m working on a longer, better video of him doing this. Yes, I need to get a life.  ROFL! 


  1. omfg, cat owners unite!! my cat artie luvs to play fetch w/ those lil crinkle balls! everynite around 10p he starts to drag around his fullsize christmas stocking and brings it to where ever we are in the house. he’s priceless.
    now his counter part ozzie, not so much. uggh

  2. Hee hee! I luffs my kittehs. I just realized this is the 2nd time that I posted this video. Oh well.

  3. I am not a cat person (allergic). But Opie’s cute! And I love hardwood floors. Yep.

  4. jus like clok work last nite @ 10:02 i hear artie meowing at my bedroom door with his christmas stocking!

    question ms melons: i hav two cats, one is a domestic short hair and the other is like a medium hair. seems im allergic to the medium, do u think i cude shave him down a bit or wude the aspca get on my tail? i think if he’s shaved down i can manage his coat a bit better. b/c his shedding is a real problem

  5. Adorbs!!! Molly, my cat, wants to crawl all over me when I’m trying to sleep. I had her going good for a while, accustomed to my sleep schedule and all, but I had to go and mess that all up and do tons of overtime, sleeping whenever I had a break. Just like a baby.

  6. Hmm… I don’t think the ASPCA would get on your tail – I’ve seen plenty of kittehs with the ‘Lion Cut.’ My neighbor had a longhair and she looked really cute (and she worked it, too) and it seemed that she was happier, too.

    The question is, do you have the allergy to the dander (in the hair) OR do you have the saliva allergy? Yes, you can be allergic to cat spit… and all cat’s spit is different so you can be allergic to one cat and not the other. Weird, huh?

    Daners… I hear ya. As soon as I get a little off my game schedule-wise, the kittehs go nutso with the bedtime behavior.

  7. Anners Scribonia, I love hardwood floors too… but it’s tough with the two kittehs – the dust-bunneh population is just insane, and they’re both shorthairs… and they both loathe the vacuum cleaner. Heh!

  8. You can just call me Anners. Hee.

    I’m allergic to everything about cats. Really, each cat is different though? Seriously, I think I am allergic to every single inch of every single cat. If someone sits next to me with cat hair on their close my nose starts to run and my throat starts to tighten.

    It’s gross.

    Hardwood floors FTW!

  9. ^ ha! “clothes” not “close”

  10. Hate hardwood floors (which of course I have), love this cat. Orange cats rule.

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