Posted by: Nice Melons | May 6, 2008

Now, this made my morning…

more cat pictures

Ugh, my morning has been terrible already. I’m working at another location today, and the laptop keeps eating it. I think it’s got a hamster running in a wheel for a processor. So, I’m goofing around on my personal laptop until the techs finish either feeding or euthanizing the hamster. It would be super-cool if I could just go back to my regular location so I can actually get some work done. But, no… Grrr. More on that later…


  1. This reminds me of my cat, except all he ever wants is to go outside and kill again.

  2. This pic is tres awesome-ness! My cat likes to beat up my doggie – a little chorkie (half yorkie/ half chihuahua – yes she’s a snot!).

  3. Hey tigereye! Sorry I’m a little behind on my comments… Spike is a killer? My cats are obsessed by the lizards outside. You know how cats looooove to play with their food, too… if they can catch them, first they play with them, then they bite ’em and watch them wriggle. Sick-os. 😉 Mice, on the other hand? My little orangie, Opie, is afraid of them… but he likes to play fetch. I’ll post the video of him doing this at some point.

    Ali-ers, thanks for stopping by! My cats love play with doggies, but they do tend to beat up the little ones. Heh.

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