Posted by: Nice Melons | April 6, 2008

Loving this new website

OK, I’ve been cracking up over GraphJam.  I do a lot of “visuals” for the State Senators and Legislators (they have a little trouble understanding the big words, ROFL), so this site always tickles my funny bone. 

funny graphs
see more funny graphs

funny graphs
see more funny graphs



  1. I love the elements of this graph, too — all this stuff that’s supposed to be entertainment for kids, but …

    When I was a kid there was a program with marionettes that really creeped me out.

    I think it had a sci fi element to it — or space travel. But the jerky way they moved and walked and their little heads pivoted creeped me out, so we never watched it much.

    If thre isn’t already, should be a combination horror / kid’s movie where the zombies, mummies, vampires, and werewolvers are just hanging out, chilling, and the puppets, dolls, mimes and clowns begin a slow, menacing, grinning attack, freaking them all out.

  2. I concur with your movie idea… I can set you up with a soundtrack, OK? 😉

    Just for the record, I think all puppets are pretty evil… including some of those muppets! Muwhahaha! Really, to this day the whole “Lonely Goatherd” scene in the Sound of Music freaks me out… although this one is pretty funny.

  3. My Mom took us to see The Sound of Music, and liked Julie Andrews. But she never registered much for me, until Victor Victoria.

    My favorite spin off from The Sound of Music is probably the scene in the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine where the head Blue Meanie realizes he is losing the battle, Peter Max blossoms are popping up everywhere around him, and he sigh/sings to his flunkie, Max, “the hills are alive” and Max chimes in “with thee sound of muuuu-sic”.

    That movie is buried in our Netflix queue. I know it’s going to be corny and punny when I see it again for the first time in ages — and without the mind-altered filter it won’t be as funny now as it was back in college, but I still look forward to it.

  4. Victor, Victoria was awesome… one of my favorite movies… well, I have a top 50 and it’s in the top 10. So many good actors in there, it’s hard to pick a favorite… that being said, I think it was Robert Preston’s character (Toddy – “I’m nothing but an old queen.”) ROFL! Definitely my favorite Julie Andrews anything.

    As far as the Yellow Submarine, I’m still trying to scrape my brain off the wall from the last time I saw that (almost 20 years ago??). Substances were consumed… things were seen… hehe.

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