Posted by: Nice Melons | April 2, 2008

My cats crack me up.

Yes, I know I have a tab in my blog devoted to the furballs, but I just had to share this.

Opie, my orange tabby, is just totally full of it.  I’m not sure of what he is full of, but he is fearless.  He also likes to play fetch.  I did a little video of him (it’s a short one) doing this.  Yeah, I know – I need a life.  😛

Contrary to what this short sample indicates, Opie will play this game as long as I throw the little crackle ball.  He will fetch other balls too, but he likes these best. 

If he wants to play this game and I am busy, he will bring each and every ball into where I am and line them up on the floor… then he will look at me and start yelling until I agree to a game (or chase him off – but he is pretty persistent and kind of cute).

He will also keep at it when I want go to bed, and if I don’t respond, he’ll bring each and every crackle ball into the bed (he’s got about 10 of them).  Of course, at some point I at night I roll over on to them, and he is just WAITING for the noise… then he can POUNCE!   That usually satisfies him until morning… and then he lines them up where my feet hit the floor when I get out of bed and the games begin again.

Someone once told me that cats instinctively know how to get what they want.  Well, he sure knows where to leave things so they make noise.  Ha!

He is a total riot!


  1. Very cute. I liked how he batted the crackle ball so he could keep chasing it. Edie does the same thing.

    We have a variation on bringing the toys, too. Ernie will pick up a rubber kong chew toy and drop it at our feet when he is prompting us to fill it with cookies and toss it so he can chase it down and chomp out the broken cookies crammed inside. He’ll just follow you, if given any encouragement, dropping the kong to bounce around your toes then looking up at you with german shepherd hopefulness.

    It’s half-endearing, until you’re busy and have to take it away from him, to stop the pestering. “Not now, Ernie boy!”

  2. I love the kong! I got a little one for Opie; there is a cat version too but I got him the one for small dogs because, well, I didn’t know any better. Chloe enjoys it too, but more because she catches all the pieces that Opie whacks out of it – it’s a team effort. 😉

    Opie sounds just as OC about the kong, though, as your Ernie. It’s funny how focused they are on their objectives. Wish I could say the same for myself… but I’m getting there.

  3. Sometimes, when I’d rather not be bothered, I try to bear in mind that it’s what they have in their lives. I mean, my two would most prefer to be out running around sniffing things — they spend a lot of time on dog beds with little to do, considering how active their mind are. So I take a moment to fill and toss the kong.

    The good thing abouot cats is that they’re generally more content to be indoors all day long, beasts that know little burden.

  4. Ahhhh. Opie looks just like my little Tangerine. She’s not a fetcher however (though she is quite fetching). In fact, Tangerine, being a semi-feral, doesn’t even let me touch her . . .yet. She, of course, allows me in the room to feed her, and she likes me to play with her with the feather wand. I got her some catnips mousies. Perhaps I’ll see whether or not she’ll engage in some fetch.

  5. LB… love your avatar.

    Thanks for stopping by. I keep meaning to leave you comments – looks like we’re on a similar path – but I keep rolling around on the floor, laughing over the antics of your furry friends. I’ll be by! 😉

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