Posted by: Nice Melons | March 24, 2008

Playing again

Well, it’s all about baby steps, right?  I just picked up my horn for the first time tonight in a while.  It’s a very strange feeling when I don’t play for awhile, trying to reconnect doesn’t just come right away.  I don’t think I’ve been off the horn that long since my initial illness in 2003.  It will come back to me as the muscles in my lips learn to coordinate with the air again, and this time will be even easier because I have the sweet custom horn. 

I honestly didn’t think I’ve be able to get unstuck until I had my voice lesson.  Singing is a little more natural – there isn’t a horn attached to my lip – but it’s my air that is messed up.  I did some Pranayama breathing exercises before I played and it helped quite a bit, but I cannot wait until April 10 when I “formally” return to yoga practice with my first class in over a year.  I’ve been practicing a bit at home for a while but I really need to focus a little more, and returning to guided practice for a while will help me do that.

As much as I rant from time-to-time, I really have no desire to be miserable.  Practicing yoga helps me to be the best person that I can be, and I think I deserve that, huh?  Everyone does. 

Meanwhile, I just have to remember to breathe.  😉

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