Posted by: Nice Melons | March 24, 2008

Holy cr@p!

Make these changes and run it by me again.”  – The Boss 

“History suggests I have entered an infinite loop of making changes with no hope of finishing.  My life is a furious ball of nothing.” – Dilbert

“And I’m not wild about the font.” – The Boss

– From Dilbert by Scott Adams

Well now. 

Humorous Pictures

The State of Arizona is in the midst of a budget crisis of epic proportions. That link?  That’s all the mumbo-jumbo, and it does a pretty good job explaining it.  It’s become our 300-pound gorilla, so to speak, and he’s been sleeping.  Now he’s waking up, and he is pissed

Now I’m going to tell you how it impacts my working day.

The people in operations, who constitute the “rank-and-file” here in our “corporate” location are the people who keep this place moving.  Well, the department is down to one-third of full staff.  These folks, a lot of who are single moms, have been forced to take work closer to home at places like Starbucks and Burger King because the commute costs are killing them financially… not to mention the time.  Phoenix has a terrible problem with sprawl and mediocre-at-best transit system, and not many can afford to live close to where they work.   This is incredibly ironic because of where I work.

Quite a while back, Governor Napolitano enouraged agencies to adopt telework initiatives to allow more employees the option of telecommuting.  Some did, but most were reluctant to follow that initiative.  Folks like me, and there are a lot of us in the entire agency, who work solely from their computers (I even watch the House and Senate proceedings from there – it beats breathing that air) can work entirely from home, which would leave them with a bit more dough to fill those vacant positions and offer some commuting assistance to anyone below a certain grade.  It costs money to keep our butts in these chairs.

Of course, not everyone has my work ethic, and this is where the majority of management thinks that telecommuting will not work.  Government workers are simply not self-motivated enough to work from home, right?  Of course, they didn’t think that a simple MORALE BUILDER like the option of being allowed to telecommute would do wonders for the Division.  But I like to believe the best from people – that it could work if there is trust both ways. 

Feh, who knows?  All I know is that I am at a much higher end of the food chain than some and I have basically been reduced to busywork while the wheels of the State grind to a halt.  I cannot complete any tasks, pass any projects to the next level, or even take a crap without the proper justification. 


I have got to get another job!


  1. I loved working from home, back when I had the option. The key for me was setting goals every day, and tackling them early (often at 6 AM) so I could coast later, if I wanted.
    I miss it.

  2. Yeah, I miss it too. Every time my unit head gets in a bad mood, we lose this and other “flex time” type options.

    We are currently allowed to telecommute 1X every other week.

    I love it because I am pretty structured anyway and this just any other way to work, albeit one where I have a kitty in my lap.

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