Posted by: Nice Melons | March 20, 2008

Hey, my path has a lot of chunks missing…

The past few weeks have been a little rough!

I’ve kind of downplayed the daily physical challenges I face since, well, I like to blog more about the important stuff, but now I have to share because it may explain a little more about where I’m coming from.

Several years ago while I was at the top of my game musically, I got what I thought was a wicked case of the flu.  It stayed.  I started getting extremely weak all the time and lost motor skills and began having trouble walking.  Then I started dropping my horn during studio dates and I couldn’t ignore it anymore – there was definitely something wrong with me. 

I endured many months of tests.  I saw more specialists – neurologists, rheumatologists, endocrinologists, osteopaths, immunologists, infectious disease specialists…  you name ’em, I saw ’em. 

Bottom line was there were a lot of symptoms and it took a little while to diagnose.  Things calmed down and weren’t so bad for a little while, so they just diagnosed it as Fibromyalgia.  Great, I thought – I know what it is.  Now what the hell do I do?

Then I got worse again and they tested me again.  This time everything became crystal clear.

Rheumatoid Arthritis!  Oh no!  Run away! 

I was a mess.  By this time, the LA studio scene knew I was down for the count and the vultures had already taken all my freelance work, so I had plenty of free time.  I was always a swimmer, so I upped my time in the pool.  That helped.  Hell, if I didn’t have to get out of the water, I’d be fine!  I’ll just be a…  mermaid?  Yeah, that’s a career move I can get behind.

I tried some traditional infusion therapy combined with herbs and homeopathic remedies and got things under control after about a year.  I relearned the motor skills and walking stuff – that is still not really explained, actually, but it is gone.  Then Dad got sick and I moved back here to take care of him.  I found a rheumatologist, got into my therapies – physical therapy, pain management, infusions – just kept on track. 

Three weeks ago things started to get bad again.  I was so sick of all the medications and the side effects.  I was tired of taking them, working out to stay moving, and still feeling like crap all the time.  This clearly was no longer the answer to the pain question.

Long and short of it, I dumped the traditional path.  It’s not working.

New rheumatologist, new plan.  Natural therapies only.  I am one week today off all “traditional” medication and while I hurt and I’m not sleeping really well yet, I already feel a lot more like myself.

I’m hoping that it will be easier to find those missing chunks now.  Or at least a few of them.

Om mani padme hum


  1. Sorry to hear you’ve had so much trouble lately, NM, and I hope your new therapies help. Good to hear you are maintaining the sense of humor though. A mermaid, eh? Maybe a hybrid: mermaid and a siren? Who plays the french horn?

    I think you should find a manatee who plays tuba and start a band.

  2. 😉

  3. I like your new digs Melon girl.

    Well, I’m sure I haven’t been hurting to near the extent you have but over the past couple of months it just feels like my body is breaking down. Getting out of bed is a little symphony of snap, crackle pop.

    Then a few weeks ago my band had a gig and we actually had to take a couple of songs off the set list because i knew my hand wouldn’t make it through some of the chord shapes. It’s weird. It’s not like it’s all of a sudden. I’ve kinda felt it coming on. I wonder if it’s tendinitis.

    I’m curious about the natural therapies your using. i might like to try them to see if they help me.

  4. Jules, babe. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hey, I’d get that hand checked out first. Western medicine can be excellent at isolating symptoms and identifying trouble. Do your hands go numb or is pain that keeps you from making it through the changes? Or stiffness?

    I’m going to stick another page on here within the next few days that chronicles my process. Getting off the medication roller coaster was the biggest positive change. Now I receive Bowen therapy and I’m back at yoga. Movement is key. I also take a bunch of different herbal supplements and I may be able to help you there. Drop me a line and tell me a little more. I’m not a pro, but you can verify anything I tell you with an herbalist. I think I included a link to Arthritis Health on the second to last post – there is a wealth of information there related to flexibility and pain issues.

    Good luck!

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