Posted by: Nice Melons | December 7, 2007

Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona, AZ

I just  love it in Oak Creek.  Mom and I came up here to spend Thanksgiving weekend.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t come up until AFTER turkey day since I was down with an upper respiratory and ear infection that was kicking my ass – and made an altitude change very painful…

However, I did finally make it up there.  I love the way it smells, with the fresh air, woodsmoke from campfires and fireplaces, and the trees.  Sedona became real popular starting back in the 80s with the new-age crowd when they discovered the “Sedona Vortex” which has been there all along per the Native people.  It’s pretty amazing You can read more about this here:

We always stay up at Forest Houses.  It is so cool.  Grant Wolf, a local teacher here (and a powerful influence/ muse) has his memorial bench up there.  I always spend some time on the marble bench (which froze my butt this time around) talking to the man since I think he’s hanging out in the large tree in front of the bench.  That was pretty cool.  Here’s the bench:

Grant Wolf’s Memorial Bench

Here is a slideshow of  some older pictures I took on a previous trip to Sedona. 

Mom and I also got into a little trouble in town while we were there… hee hee hee!

Old West Wenches Old West Wenches Drink Some JACK!

We’ve been wanting to get one of these done for quite some time.  Thanks to the gals at Sedona Old-Tyme Photos, we had a blast and you can tell! 

 You can see more pictures here.


  1. Ah Sedona, and Oak Creek Canyon. Interesting memories of Slide Rock back in the early 1970’s with the apple orchard nearby and watching the flocks of hippies migrate down to bathe in the frigid waters of Oak Creek and dry themselves (and provide an anatomy lesson for the Elementary School crowd) in the summer sun…and get stoned…and just hang out. Then the ride back up the switchbacks as my Hippie Mom, altered on fresh “red hair” or “columbian” washed down with some Chivas giving my sister an I a lesson that one need not repel off mountains, jump out of planes, nor drive cars quickly to instill that nail-biting adrenalin rush amidst our bodily humors. Just be a 10 year old in the back seat with some fucked-up hippies driving up the side of a 1000 foot canyon road. Groovy! – MattO

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