Posted by: Nice Melons | November 29, 2007

Let it go.

I am in the process of editing this blog.  I’m currently working on some photos and edits to this content.

  It’s uhhh, a hardhat!  A shiny one!

So… come back a bit later, eh?  Thanks for stopping by!

Wow! A melon!


  1. I’ve been wanting to comment on this since you posted it but haven’t really had the time. I have a friend who is on a dating site and she is constantly telling me how she meets fellas who are… how should i put this…. just not right in the head. And despite being of an age where you would think most people have their crap together, every single one of the 20 or so guys she has met in the past two or three years has been deficient somehow, whether it be financially (the moocher, like you described) emotionally (online stalking or going by her job) or mentally (just plain crazy). People are weird.

  2. Thanks for the support. I’ve been feeling pretty bad about this rant for a few days now and I’m getting ready to post some more about this subject in general. I just don’t actively date anymore because my crazy relationship karma seems to attract the wrong men… in other words, those who are PROJECTS and the only work is being done by ME… I really don’t feel this is fair and that I deserve better.

    I’ve done A LOT of work on myself these past years. I don’t think I’m necessarily broken… I just know that with my background and my personal issues have made me somewhat susceptible to attract a certain type of man that needs fixing. I’m not looking for Mr. Perfect, I just want someone who will, well, take responsibility for his own emotional baggage and work on his stuff. Some guys have masqueraded as being grown-ups and have thus avoided my radar… fortunately, I’ve gotten a LOT quicker at recognizing the signs – I’ve gotten it down to a few months from several years!

    Maya Angelou says many great things, but one of her sayings has become a sort of mantra for me and relationships… and I may be taking it a tad out of context, but it works. “Only equals make friends. Otherwise the relationship is out-of-balance, out-of-kilter. Without the parity of investment, loss, triumph, bravery, cowardice, fear, the relationship is essentially paternalistic, maternalistic, condescending.” That pretty much sums it up.

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