Posted by: Nice Melons | October 25, 2007

New family member!

Well, I’ve returned from the land of LA.  I am supremely pleased by my audition; I did very well.  I have another few coming up – I’m striking while the iron is hot, so to speak.

 I drove to Los Angeles from Phoenix, and while I was auditioning, my cousin Heather went into labor early down in San Diego and delivered our newest family member, Sophia MacKenzie Blunt.  She’s about a month early, but I think she looks amazing.  Tiny and perfect.  I am so proud of Heather and Roland, her awesome hubby.  My family is very small, so I’m pretty close to Heather and we’re close in age, too.  Little Sophie is yet another in a line of amazing women in our family, and it was neat that I got to meet her so early.  Apparently, she was in a hurry to meet all of us, too! 

I drove down to San Diego after my audition to meet her and give Heather and Ro some hugs.  Little did I know I was driving through some of the worst wildfires in the area.  I had to return to Phoenix the next day and I barely made it out of there – it was so bad.  Fortunately, Sophie and Heather were still in the hospital for the worst of it… and their home was in an area that was spared.  Mom and baby are now home and doing well!

Sophia MacKenzie Blunt  Sophie and Gramma Dot  Sophie and gramma bond!  Mom and Sophie!  Sophie and her shades  Sophie takes a tan


  1. great pics of the new little one. She is just a little doll-baby! glad you got out of So Cal alright. crossing my fingers on your audition results.

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