Posted by: Nice Melons | October 9, 2007

Blogging at work

Right now I’m working in the public sector while trying to get back to playing music for a living full-time again, and I have to say that a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter move a lot faster than projects around here.  You have to go through a lot a bureaucratic red tape just in order to take a crap.

I don’t blog much while at work because I hold myself to some pretty high standards – it’s an ethical issue.  However, I am often criticized for being “too productive” while simultaneously being admonished for not looking busy enough.  Cool, huh?  I guess that means that I don’t know how to make a career out of a 5-minute project.  Here’s an example.

Something showed up on the local news about my employer letting one of our “products” slip through the cracks with reference to white supremacy imprinted upon it. Since we are a state agency, and therefore subject to intense public scrutiny, it is VERY understandable that this is a big deal since this is a very VISIBLE product that just about everyone has… not to mention that was some SICK SHIT this person was advertising…  very, very wrong on a multitude of levels.  However, that being said, some things simply fall through the cracks, no matter what kind of computer program or committee effort is involved in the selection process of these personalized items because, well, we don’t have the latest and greatest technology or the best minds being employed here.  Let’s face it – there isn’t a lot of money involved.  Now the agency is aware of this specific number combination and can screen for this in the future.  Plus, the current offensive product will be removed from circulation.

One of my co-workers who has been here over 20 years has got time-wasting down to a true art-form.  Although there was nothing, NOTHING our unit was assigned in regards to this particular issue, this induhvidual spend an entire day and a half researching and trying to understand WHY this letter and number combination was considered offensive.  Mind you, I discovered this and PROCESSED it in my tiny little brain in about 2 minutes.  He had the same research capabilities (and hell, I even sent him the same article about the numerical signifcance, thinking he has some all-important project that he was researching – I should have known better) , he repeatedly discussed this throughout the day and a half with everyone in the room.  He then sent his little trainee (yep, that’s right, he TRAINS all the new employees to behave the same way – neat, huh?) over to ask me AGAIN the significance of the number combination and further waste my time.  I had enough by now, so I yelled at him that my answer was the same that it had been yesterday and that if he would have READ my email and the article, he would know.  He then responded that he was looking at the article and didn’t see anything – AND IT WAS IN THE FIRST SENTENCE.  WTF?  It was only after this point did I learn that he wasn’t working on anything, like a press release, for this issue.  He simply wanted to waste time (his and everyone else’s) researching this simply because he wanted to know.  What got me was that he blew an entire day and a half doing this, and this rocket scientist makes more money than I since he’s been here longer.  This is also the same guy who never gets anything done on time.  A fine example of your tax dollars at work.

So I don’t feel so guilty about taking 10 minutes to write a blog, especially if it keeps me from administering dope-slaps to everyone.

Now if y’all will excuse me, I’ve got to go stretch my 2-hour project into a month. 

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