Posted by: Nice Melons | October 5, 2007

No bathroom breaks on MySpace

OK, I had to share this, it is freaking hilarious.

The other day, I uploaded some pictures to my MySpace page.  They were mostly of my kitties… or as we say in cheezburger-land, kittehs.  Yeah, I know – I need to get a life.  You can check out the pictures by clicking here… and here too.

So, anyway…

The following day I login to my account, and there is a message in my inbox from “myspace help.”  Now, I never get any help from MySpace – I am convinced that the few messages that I have sent have just gone into Tom’s compost pile or something.  I have NEVER heard back from them.  Ever.

Well, the message was something along the lines of “we’re sorry, but we’ve had to remove some inappropriate and offensive pictures off your page.”  WTF?!?! So I go into my photo album and notice that the photos of my cat Opie playing in the toilet are GONE.  Huh?  Now, I understand that if I had shown a picture with someone actually taking a crap or something, that may be offensive.  But a cat playing in the toilet?  Give me a break. 

Then again, posting a picture of someone taking a crap could definitely be some form of free speech… I guess that would depend on what (or who) they were crapping on…  I wonder what MySpace would do with THAT if someone posted it?  Infringe upon their rights?  Help, help, I’m being repressed!!!

What I want to know is where was MySpace help when I had guys inserting pictures of their penises in my comments (and yes, their profiles still exist)?  Or the freakin’ white supremacists doing the same with their crap? Astounding.  Now I approve EVERYTHING that comes through my page. Yet I cannot post a picture of my cat hanging on to the toilet bowl with a mischievous glint in his little eyeballs?  What a bunch of garbage. 

MySpace cannot be reached for comment of course.  They just don’t have the bandwidth to respond to all their emails.  But they have plenty of time to keep toilet-loving cats from polluting the minds of the impressionable masses.


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