Posted by: Nice Melons | September 8, 2007


Well it’s my first post. Lookee!

It’s never a good idea to try to do this sans coffee, so I’m slurping some down as I write this. Ahh, freshly-ground arabica… it’s a beautiful thing.

I guess I should try to write something in my head now that it is waking up. I was yanked out of my slumber by those fucking leaf-blowers AGAIN. So I’m a bit grumpy and I’m also (evilly) considering taking a morning dump on my neighbor’s newly-clean lawn. But I digress…

I am constantly amazed by the unenlightened beings breathing the same air around me. I think some humans are more highly-evolved than others. I don’t hold myself in the “highly evolved” special category because I am always working on self-improvement and I’m very self-conscious to the point of being paranoid about the impact of my thoughts and actions on others. That being said, how the fuck do I get through the day? It is hard, believe me, and a big reason that meditation is part of my life. I’ve had to learn not to react negatively to the shit that perpetuates itself around me, whether it is in the workplace or at the grocery store.

A prime example presented itself just the other day at Target. I’m in line at the customer service counter, waiting my turn and minding my own business. The woman ahead of me finishes up her business, so I step up to the counter, thinking I am next. Well, a woman and her daughter come charging up ahead of me, insisting that they were there first. I’m thinking, OK, it’s really not that important, but WTF? Am I nuts? No, I’m not. She was sitting on her ass with a bunch of other people on the benches that surround the waiting area. Now, where I come from, that does not entail “being in line.” She’s just sitting on her ass. There is even a little sign and a corded area that states that this is the line… and guess what? It is NOT placed over at the benches. So she starts freaking out, calling me crazy, that I walked right by her and saw her sitting there. The absurdity is too much for me and I start cracking up. The person (name is Stacey) behind the counter starts laughing as well. We’re both laughing at her and it’s just too much. I point out the obvious – sitting on her ass is not being in line – but if it is so important to her to be “next,” by all means, go for it. I’ve got nothing but time. She goes on and on about how I am the crazy one, finishes her business, and stalks out. Now, I’d just let this go, but you know what bothers me the MOST about this little interlude? What kind of message do you think that sent to her daughter? Wonder why the world is a self-involved mess high on “fuck you, I’ve got mine?” It’s because people like this REPRODUCE and perpetuate this line of non-thinking. So to recap, this is what I think the daughter learned from this little incident:

  • It’s OK not to follow the rules; you don’t have to wait your turn
  • I got what I needed, so screw everyone else
  • I’m entitled to behave this way because I’m special

There may be more that comes to me later, but that is what the initial impression was when I started laughing at her absurd behavior.

Oh, and to top it all off, she says “this is the reason I don’t even like to come here – because of people like you.” She can’t even see that she’s the very person she wants to avoid. Maybe everyone else has laughed at her too – who knows?

Ironic, isn’t it?

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